101 Cricklewood Broadway
London, NW2 3JG

Tel: 0208 4527484


Q. What is the minimum contract ?

A. 3 months ( Shorter contracts available at a premium )

Q. How much is the deposit ?

A. Deposit is £ 500.00 and 1 week rent in advance.

Q. When will the deposit be refunded ?

A. The deposit will be refunded at the end of the contract after 14 days (if there are no tickets or any outstanding arrears.)

Q. When will the car need to be returned?

A. The car needs to be returned by 12pm on the day of return.

Q. What happens if I receive tickets?

A. All Tickets need to be paid promptly by the driver. If tickets need to be transferred to the driver, this will incur a £15.00 administration cost.

Q. When is Service Due?

A. The service is due every 10,000 miles, however we recommend an interim service every 5000 miles. ( Please contact us to arrange the service )

Q. What if I have an accident

A. In case of an accident please contact JH HIRES Ltd immediately, fault or non-fault, ( Insurance Provider has to be informed within 24 hours) in order to avoid any financial penalties.